Privacy Policy

Information that is Collected
-When you approve people in your contact list for use within the app, an approved contacts list is stored within the app. If you add a text label for a GPS location, this is also stored within the app.
-Both the approved contact list and locations text labels are stored within the app and are encrypted.
-upon payment of the app, email addresses are collected in order to keep you updated on any changes to the app
-no personal information is collected from the app owner nor contacts

How we use your data
-No data from the app is sent back to any server. The data collected is only used to run the app.
-We do not use your data. Collected data from the app is not used in any other way

How your Data is protected
-no location by time (tracking) data is stored either within the app or sent to an external server
-approved contacts list and location text labels are stored within the app and are encrypted
-no app data is sent to any external server

Permissions Required

  • SMS permissions: HeyWRU will read text messages from only approved contacts. If the text message from the approved contact does not start with “HeyWRU” the app will ignore the text message, and you will receive it as nomal. SMS permissions are required to receive the request, and then send your location. No text messages are stored within the app or sent to an exteral server.
  • Contacts permissions: Required to approve people who can request your location
  • Location Services: HeyWRU needs to know your GPS location in order to tell your approved contacts
  • Data: Data is required to save your contact list and location text descriptions

Children under 13
-Kids under 13 can use the HeyWRU app, but other than approving contacts and turning the app on and off, there is little interactivity for the user.

HeyWRU has the right to change its privacy policy in the future. You will be contacted by the email you used to register the app if there are any changes.

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